Vahid Rowhani

"You must stand for something, or you'll fall for everything." I've developed the ability to create a narrative around the vision we establish with our clients. I'm passionate about every product we build and I help the client make decisions that benefit the holistic view of their company. I recruit and manage the development teams as needed, and have the strength of character to say “My word is my Bond.” I am AVID.

Habib Nawaz
Production Developer

Habib brings over 6 years experience in XHTML, PHP, Javascript & JQuery and is the solid backbone many of our projects. His ability to implement complex design documents into functioning websites keeps us one step ahead of the competition and 5 steps ahead of schedule. Habib has his hand in almost all successful websites we complete and is a valued asset to our team.

Video | Brand | Design

We provide explainer videos & web commercials through our partnership with VeracityCoLab. Through developing & executing brand strategies for web, video, & print, our clients are able to have more successful project launches with more repeat business & brand recognition. For a complete portfolio of web & video projects, please visit VeracityCoLab at