We are Avid about web development. From the drawing board, to the wireframes, to bringing the site to life, our excitement for web shines through our work. We integrate with the client’s culture to form lasting relationships required for the life of the website. We believe in building websites one step at a time. Our process begins with defining the needs, expectations, & wishes for the site. Conceptual mapping allows us to show the client the site before we start the build. The website wireframe and design concepts ensure that the site meets its purpose and requirements prior to expending energy & resources for the build. Our clients use web to their advantage. Web should be used as a strategic advantage rather than an afterthought or requirement. We work hard to get the site built and launched, and then work even harder on the day-to-day management- all in the name of success.
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Mobile App Development

Here’s a quick quiz. What does Android & iOS have in common? Answer: Over 700 million daily users growing at a rate of 300 billion per day. (cite source). We build mobile applications that are compatible with Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, 7 iPod Touch), as well as Android phones and tablets. We prefer to build entertainment, lifestyle, & business applications while shying away from games (but we can provide some great recommendations to specialty game development companies).

Web and Commercial Video

We offer commercial web video through our team,The Veracity Colab. Together make make up a full service agency focusing on Video, Brand and Web. Together we’ve completed videos & short films for a variety of clients including Payoff.com, LegalZoom, & MobilPay. We start by examining the goals of the video and audience. Then we hand the creative process off to our team of writers, artists, animators, actors, & directors. The end product is a persuasive that effectively communicates your message, gets leads, and moves you in the right direction. For examples of our videos, please click here.