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2011: Year in Review

January, 17, 2012 by Michael McVerry

2011 has officially come to an end and we finally got all the loose ends tied up. Below is a summary of our past year’s highlights, to let you know what kept us so busy. Let us start by saying 2011 was our best and most challenging year yet. We spent nights working until 2 A.M., days reworking the same page 4 times over to get it perfect, along with countless meetings, conferences, and phone calls. The hard work paid off to position us for an even bigger 2012. Below are last year’s highlights in reverse chronological order (latest listed first).

Revamped VeracityColab’s website, our partners where we work.
Conceived, tested, & launched We are AVID, Inc. (this company)
Got into film with Ordinary World (we expect this one to take off in 2012)
Rehabbed a website and got rid of that awful auto-play song – CollisionBodyShop.com
Broke into the health & wellness field – YourBodyForGod.com
Spent time with the church through building TelosEvents.com & rforh
Built 2 websites for a fast evolving retirement concept called TheSafeMoneySystem
Helped organize a church small group through QuarterLifers.org
Made some folks laugh with SeriouslyFunny.tv

Lastly, helped out with the family business at NationalOffsetWarehouse.com, where web contributed to 12% of overall revenue and counting for 2011.

In addition, we made some edits to the iPhone app dubbed “iCandy” for a client and walked them through the App Store approval process.

In addition, we’d like to thank some special people who have helped contribute to our success this past year. Steven Butwell, Charlie Matz, Ian Nelson, Bub Kuns, Randy Hammon, Romy Rahmanian, Roman Reyani, & Alex Smith. We wouldn’t be where we are and who we are without you all of you.

Here’s to an exciting 2012!


A message from Michael.

November, 17, 2011 by Michael McVerry

Michael McVerry is the best looking web developer in all Southern California

Hi. I’m Michael McVerry, and one of the founders of The AVID Grp. The AVID Grp is the brainchild of Vahid Rowhani and Myself. It is the culmination of over 2 years of planning, testing, and practicing, various methods of spreading business on the web.  We exist to make your life easier when it comes to all things web, video, & and mobile apps.

Through our personal experience, the knowledge of our coders, and eyes of our designers, we’re able to create compelling, persausive websites, mobile applications, and web explainer videos that get results.

Let me ask you a simple question. Are your web efforts bringing in revenue or costing you money? If you’re not using web as a strategic advantage, it will surely cost you. Contact us today and we’ll have some discussions that will transform the way you do business on the internet.

McVerry out.